• The article describes what tests are performed for human papillomavirus infection, how to decipher the test results, and when a doctor's consultation is needed.
    4 January 2022
  • How to get rid of warts on the hands, the causes of the appearance on the finger. Types of growths. How to remove and better remove education, you can find out after reading the article.
    19 December 2021
  • What is a wart and why does it appear on the body? Warts treatment methods: drugs and folk methods.
    15 December 2021
  • Laser removal has a host of advantages over other wart removal methods. However, there are also some contraindications. Pros and cons of laser formation removal, the procedure and relapse prevention.
    4 December 2021
  • Symptoms, causes and types of papillomas in humans. Manifestations of papillomas in the throat, chest, tongue. Human papillomavirus in women. Complex HPV treatment and laser papilloma removal. Preventive measures against the human papillomavirus.
    3 December 2021
  • Types of warts and papillomas, photos with description. What do senile warts and age-related keratomas look like on the legs, face, and elsewhere? Details in the article.
    22 November 2021
  • Is it possible to get rid of papillomas? We talk about the removal of growths at home using drugs, cryodestruction, celandine, garlic and onion - popular mixtures.
    14 November 2021
  • There is no specific treatment for HPV (that is, intended to destroy it). However, you can take steps to suppress the activity of the virus and increase the likelihood of self-healing. Methods of treatment and prevention of human papillomavirus.
    27 August 2021
  • Celandine to remove papillomas: useful properties of celandine, how to treat papillomas with celandine. Removal of papillomas with oil, ointment, tincture of celandine.
    8 August 2021
  • Is it possible to effectively treat warts with home remedies and what methods can help to remove them completely and permanently? What warts cannot be treated with home remedies? Answers in the article.
    7 August 2021
  • Forms of local drugs for HPV, a review of ointments and creams for papillomas: pharmacy, home. Instructions for the use of antiviral ointments.
    7 August 2021
  • Warts on the penis cause great discomfort and can also be injured. What is the reason for the appearance of neoplasms on the penis and how to remove them?
    4 July 2021
  • Removing warts in a medical center is the safest and most effective. How to choose the correct remedy for warts?
    30 June 2021
  • Features of the operation to remove papillomas with a laserIndications for the procedure. When should papillomas not be removed? Consequences, rehabilitation.
    18 June 2021
  • How is papilloma treated, what factors provoke the development of the virus, prevention of the disease. What methods of therapy exist in modern medicine.
    8 June 2021
  • Papillomas on the neck are benign neoplasms that accompany us throughout our lives. Consider the causes and symptoms of papillomas on the neck, the types and methods of removing neoplasms.
    29 May 2021
  • What is the most effective remedy for warts: popular or pharmacy? Detailed information can be found in the article.
    25 March 2021
  • The main routes of HPV infection. Features of the removal of papillomas on the body and genital warts.
    25 March 2021
  • Why do papillomas appear on the glans and how to treat them? As a result of improper hygiene, papillomas appear on the penis.
    23 March 2021
  • Effective home remedies for papillomas, their advantages and disadvantages. Recipes and effective rules for the use of funds. Contraindications to the use of folk methods for removing growths.
    31 December 2020
  • Causes of the appearance and forms of infection, types of papillomas on the human body. Conservative and surgical methods of treatment and removal of formations.
    8 December 2020
  • Causes and types of warts on the human body. In which cases it is necessary to remove warts and what methods can be used to remove the formations: electrocoagulation and cryodestruction, removal of radio waves and laser, surgery and folk remedies.
    28 November 2020
  • Why papillomas appear on the neck and how to get rid of them - effective drugs and recipes for traditional medicine.
    7 November 2020
  • A selection of effective traditional medicine for the treatment of warts, the rules for their preparation and features of application.
    4 November 2020
  • Common types of papillomas on the body, causes of their appearance, cervical cancer, ways of spreading HPV, principles of treatment, methods of surgical removal.
    5 October 2020
  • Useful properties of celandine to remove warts. Ways to use juice and extract, homemade oil and compresses Contraindications and side effects.
    26 September 2020
  • What is the papilloma and its cause in the human body? Summary of effective methods for the treatment of the disease.
    14 June 2020
  • What is hpv? How it spreads the human papillomavirus infection. The manifestations of the infection. The diagnosis of the infection. Can you cure this disease? What is the relationship between hpv and cervical cancer? The prevention of infection.
    14 June 2020
  • Symptoms and treatment of the human papilloma virus. The effectiveness of vaccination. The last of the epidemic.
    14 May 2020
  • Plantar the wart. General information. Causes of the appearance of plantar warts. The manifestation of plantar warts. The diagnosis of plantar warts. The treatment of plantar warts. Prevention of plantar warts.
    15 April 2020
  • Papilloma - papillary growth on the skin or the mucous membranes of women and men. You will learn about the types of tags and the basic principles of the treatment.
    15 April 2020
  • Skin tag small growths of the skin or body color brown, filiform or spherical shape. Papilloma are similar to moles, but they are of a different nature of the incident. Today, the removal of the papillomas is usual and daily work of the specialists of the clinics.
    1 April 2020
  • The human papillomavirus is a disease that causes serious consequences, among which, the cancer of neck of uterus. The self-treatment of the human papilloma virus or dangerous, that can have serious consequences.
    5 March 2020
  • Papilloma is pathological education in the skin of the land cover of the person, which is caused by the hpv virus. This disease equally affects both men and women of any age.
    2 March 2020
  • Warts – growths of the skin. How safe are these of the education, how to identify and how to deal with them, enjoy the methods of disposal and treatment in your home.
    1 March 2020